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How to Clean Bissell Vacuum Cleaner | A Complete Guideline

Bissell home cleaners are among the finest vacuums you’ll find on the market, but what are we to do when they get messy? They’ll clean the place up in a jiffy, but also require frequent maintenance. We’re here to show you some valuable tips about how to clean Bissell Vacuum Cleaner. Dig in!

Easy Ways How to Clean Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Upright & Canister vacuum cleaning

The only upright vacuum cleaner in Bissell’s assortment is the Pet Hair Eraser. The maintenance process of this vacuum cleaner unit is as follows:

1. Disconnect your vacuum

The first step is quite self-explanatory. By disconnecting the vacuum, you cut the risk of getting zapped by electricity, so it’s only natural that this is the first thing you’d want to do. Switch the power off by unplugging your vacuum cleaner from the outlet.

2. Wipe the exterior

You can use any type of dry cloth in order to wipe away the grime from the vacuum cleaner’s exterior. Make sure to wipe all the places, including the spot just under the collector bin.

3. Empty the tank

CleanView Bagless 1831 BISSELL Vacuum Cleaner Empty Dirt Bin

As you vacuum your home, the collector tank will get fatter and fatter. Some Bissell models feature a special line that will help you orient around when your tank requires emptying. First of all, dispose of your cleaner’s tank contents into the garbage bin.

Before you put it back from where you’ve taken it, dust it off, or even rinse it under cold water (if the tank is washable, that is). After this, make sure to lock the tank back before you start using your vacuum cleaner.

4. Regularly clean the vacuum’s cleaning brush

Since we’re mainly talking about the Pet Hair Eraser here, it’s only obvious that your vacuum’s cleaning brush will be full of pet hair. You’ll notice that each subsequent push against the floor will collect less and less grime/pet hair, and that’s a sure way of knowing that the brush requires some maintenance.

Remove the cleaner’s brush and clean away all the hair that got entangled to it, as well as any debris that’s left.

5. Wash the filters at least once per month

The filters are among the most crucial features of any vacuum cleaner, so cleaning them as often as possible is imperative. Just like the other features, the filters are removable and fairly easy to clean. Simply run them under lukewarm water and apply a bit of detergent. Let the filters dry before you put them back.

Hand Vacuum cleaning

Bissell’s Hand-held vacuum cleaners are pretty popular – Featherweight is incredibly easy to use, the Powerfresh steam mop is as efficient as it’s durable, and the model they’re referring to as “Lightweight cordless handheld vacuum” is, basically, their prime cleaner in this sphere.

Cleaning hand-held vacuum is relatively similar to cleaning upright vacuums, and the steps you should take are as follows:

I. Disconnect your vacuum cleaner

Just like upright cleaners, hand-held models also work on electricity. Even though they’re smaller and the wattage is weaker, you still might suffer a shock if you don’t unplug the cleaner before you start cleaning it.

II. Clean the exterior and the brush

The exterior of a hand-held Bissell vacuum cleaner is smaller in comparison to the design of an upright cleaner, so it will be much easier to clean it. There are, however, more delicate parts, so we advise you to invest extra time and effort in order to clean the exterior with due care.

The brush, being smaller in nature, is less durable than that of an upright cleaner, so search for buttons that would eject it rather than employing force.

III. Empty the collector cup

While upright cleaners have dirt collectors, the hand-held models have dirt cups. These cups are incredibly easy to clean – simply press the “eject/release” button while holding the cleaner in a vertical position above the garbage bin.

IV. Wash the cleaner’s filter

Unlike upright cleaner’s filters (which are several), hand-held models come with a single, miniature filter which doesn’t require monthly maintenance. You can wash it whenever it’s needed, and you’ll know that the time to do so is right when the cleaner begins “vacuuming” at a slower pace.

Stick Vacuum Cleaning

There are several stick vacuum cleaners in Bissell’s assortment, including numerous models from the MultiReach series and others. Cleaning them is in no way harder than cleaning and maintaining upright and hand-held models, as all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

a) Turn the power off before you begin

Stick cleaners are the most powerful of the three types, hence it’s more important than ever to make sure that the power is off before you begin.

b) Use a cleaning tool to wipe dirt and grime from exterior

These vacuums tower above upright and hand-held cleaners, so cleaning them might require more time and effort. Using a cleaning tool (a plain dry cloth might not cut it this time around) will significantly speed up the process.

c) Clean the brush

The brush of stick cleaners is huge in comparison to the other two types, which means that it collects more dirt, which further means that the mass of pieces of debris and hair (pet and human) will be bigger. Weekly, if not daily maintenance is advised.

d) Empty the tank

The last thing you need to do is to empty the tank of your stick cleaner. Most Bissell models come outfitted with a convenient “eject” button, but you might want to do this outside, as the tanks are pretty big. Alternatively, consider putting some newspapers beneath your garbage bin, as particles of dust and grime might fall outside the hoop.


We can safely conclude that cleaning Bissell vacuums isn’t that hard. In fact, the process is fairly easy, but there are small details which, despite being obvious, tend to get neglected and skipped by most people. We hope that we’ve helped you in learning How to clean Bissell Vacuum Cleaner models.


2 thoughts on “How to Clean Bissell Vacuum Cleaner | A Complete Guideline”

  1. How do I get the dust from the top of the tank clean. The bottom part is easy, but I cannot figure out how to get the top part clean?

    1. There are a few ways to clean the dust from the top of the Bissell vacuum cleaner’s tank. Here are a few methods you can try:

      Use a brush: Use a small brush, such as a toothbrush or a pipe cleaner, to gently scrub the top of the tank. This can help loosen and remove dust and debris that may be stuck in the crevices.

      Use compressed air: Use a can of compressed air to blow dust and debris out of the tank. This can be especially effective for getting dust out of hard-to-reach areas.

      Use a damp cloth: Dampen a cloth with water or a mild cleaning solution and wipe the top of the tank. Be sure to wring out the cloth well so it’s not too wet, as excess moisture can damage the vacuum cleaner.

      Use a cleaning solution: If the dust is particularly stubborn, you can use a cleaning solution specifically designed for vacuum cleaners. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions and only use a small amount of the solution.

      5.Empty the tank and disassemble it: Empty the tank and disassemble it if possible, this way you will be able to access all the parts and clean them thoroughly.

      It’s always a good idea to refer to the user manual of your vacuum cleaner, as the instructions may vary depending on the model. Remember to unplug the machine before you start cleaning it, and to let all the parts dry before you reassemble and use it again.

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