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Best Steam Mop for Tile to Help You Achieve Sparkling Floors

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You are here because you need spotlessly clean floors in your home. Maybe you have tried scrubbing the floors for hours with your hands.

But you wonder, until when?

It’s tiresome…

It looks like a fulltime job and is time-consuming. And you are probably wondering if there are any best steam for tile out there.

Worry not.

I too was looking for a perfect contender for mopping my house. I almost gave up, but after trying different options, I knew what I needed.

When you invest in an appropriate mop for your tiles, everything becomes easy. While finding the perfect mop can be daunting. I did extensive research and tested some mops to help you find the best.

Best Steam Mop for Tile Clean – Comparison Table

In a Rush?

After examining the top ten products, I picked three that I found to be the best according to my research and experience with them. Below are the three products.

Top 9 steam mop for tile to quicken your cleaning experience

1. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

Would you like to use a lightweight steam mop to quicken your cleaning exercise? The O-Cedar is a light-weight mop that leaves you with sparkling tiles without using much energy. It, therefore, saves your time in cleaning yet gives you appropriate results. Here are some features of this mop.


With its exceptional triangular shape, you can reach all corners that would have been hard to reach. It also has washable microfiber mop which cleans spaces between your tiles. You can quickly assemble this mop, and it takes only 20 seconds to heat up.

Less noise

No worries of noise when cleaning because it does it silently. You can, therefore, use it as you listen to your favorite music. This mop makes the tiles dry fast because it absorbs all the water.


I loved the fact that I could use this mop for a long time yet it didn’t show a sign of tearing off because it is durable. Aside from cleaning tiles, you can also use it to clean carpets and hard floors.

Flexible operation

If you want a mix of operation and convenience, this is the mop for you. It has an ergonomic form and offers you a comfortable grip. You can, therefore, have well-controlled jets of steam whenever you need them.

You can use the O-Cedar with any cleaning solution and achieve desirable results.


Easy to use
Dries the flow fast
Saves your time
Light in weight
Takes less space when you store it


It has an unsteady handle that can fall off anytime.

2. The Smart Living Steam Mop Plus – Best Steam Cleaner for Tile and Grout

The Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

Clean your floor without causing any damage with the Smart living Mop plus. This is one of the best machine to clean tile floors and grout to ease your cleaning process. It was designed in a way that won’t damage any part of your floor.

It is also environmentally friendly, washable and reusable. Below are some features that I found impressive about it.

Uses steam

This tile mop uses steam to clean just like its name implies. When you switch it on, it turns water into steam with a rise in temperature up to 110 degrees Celsius.

With such heat, there are no fumes and other emissions that may destroy the environment. You need to use distilled water since it has no impurities that might affect the temperature.


This mop measures 22 x 8 x 14 inches. This means that it is big enough to do all manner of floor cleaning effectively. Being a steam mop, these dimensions ensure that it uses less space when it is stored.

It has a lightweight of 7.05 pounds making it portable.


The Smart Living mop has a warranty hence it can be repaired when it tears off. You can quickly get its spare parts as they are readily available.


The materials used to make this mop are sturdy making it last longer. However, despite being strong, the materials are still light in weight for portability.

Easy to use

You can only put water into this mop. It also comes with a user manual for any further help if you get lost. However, you are only required to remove the grey colored knob in front of the mop, pour water in the canister and put back the knob.

Reusable Microfiber pads

The reason why you can clean this mop and use it again is that it has reusable microfiber pads. You can quickly clean these pads just like any cloth.


Ensures continuous temperature throughout the cleaning process
Ensures continuous temperature throughout the cleaning process
Ensures continuous temperature throughout the cleaning process
Environmentally friendly
Very quiet
Can clean any floor


Has a shorter cord than what is needed
The handle can’t be adjusted

If you are looking to save time when cleaning, this mop could be what you need. However, when purchasing it, always remember that it uses steam and distilled water.

It is efficient and convenient in cleaning even the unreachable areas of your floor with the Smart Mop plus, no more cleaning worries.

3. The Bissell 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

When your floor is messy, it’s hard to imagine where you will start to clean it. But that doesn’t have to be a worry anymore.

The Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop is there to make things simple because it cleans twice faster compared to other mops out there. Below are some features I loved from this mop.


The Bissel 1940 has a power fresh steam mop that stands like a stick vacuum. It also has a handle on its body that is linked to the head of the mop.

Its body also has a water tank along with it with a steam power mode button. There is a small hook at its backside which holds the code. Let’s examine the features you might love about it.

Cleaning pads

There is an elastic band that holds the cleaning pads on the cleaning head. Since these pads are microfiber, you can remove them wash them and reuse them.

With their small slot, the cleaning pads where you can insert Febreeze Fresh tablets for fresh smelling floors after the cleaning process.

In-built scrubbers

This mop has in-built scrubbers which quicken the process of cleaning. It has some extra flip-down scrubbers that help you target the toughest stains on your tiles.


When cleaning, you tend to move from place to place. That can be quite challenging if you have a heavy mop.

But this mop is light in weight making it portable. While it is light in weight, it’s the tank is big enough to clean two moderately sized rooms thoroughly before you refill it again.

With its swivel head, you can reach places that are hard to clean.


It saves time
Environmentally friendly
Light in weight as it weighs only 8.3 pounds
Leaves your floor smelling fresh
Dries floors within seconds


It is quite tricky to manoeuvre the swivel mop head
Water tank cap can crack if you tighten it forcefully

The Bissel is a perfect mop if you are planning to do large cleaning jobs. You don’t have to refill water now and then because it has a large tank.

4. The Shark Light & Easy Steam Mop

Shark Light and Easy Steam Mop

One of the first factors to consider when you want a mop for your floor is its portability. I found the Shark light to be natural to carry around just as the name suggests.

I loved the fact that this mop grabs all the debris and dirt making cleaning easy. I didn’t have to repeat the process to achieve a sparkling floor. Let me share some features that make this mop stand out.


This mop has been designed like a swifter. It has a rectangular head at the bottom and also four Veclo grip pads.

Those velcro grip pads grab the fico-fiber pad. It has a water tank on top of the grey plastic.

It has a clear water tank at the back to help you check whether there is enough water. There is a grey cap at the back that you can pour the water.

Edge cleaning

It’s exciting to have a mop that helps you clean all edges with ease. This mop’s rectangular shape makes that possible as its micro-fiber pads fit in all corners.

However, take note that you can break the handle if you use too much force to push or twist it. You might have to vacuum the floor before using it to avoid grabbing to much dust or dirt.

Ease of use

While this is one of the best mop for ceramic tile floors, it is easy to use. You won’t take much time putting things together. You also don’t need additional tools to assemble it. Anyone can do it.

It has a cord that measures 20-foot. This length is enough to clean one room to the next. It has two pegs at the back where you can store the cord.


Easy to use
Takes less time to heat up
No dirt left behind
Light in weight
Doesn’t use cleaning agents


Has a small capacity
Its mop head doesn’t swivel

You can use this mop if you are planning to clean small rooms like kitchens.

5. Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner

Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner

Clean your tile floors with intermittent or continuous steam using the Wagner 915 Mop especially in routine cleaning. You can switch to a constant option if you are targeting specific stains.

This option lets you manage the steam by pulling a trigger. Below are other exciting features about this mop.

Pressurized steam system

The Wagner 915 is speedy in supplying steam due to its pressurized system. This mop uses steam; therefore, you don’t need chemicals to sanitize surfaces.

Apart from cleaning tiled floors in bathrooms and other areas, you can use it to remove the wallpaper. Clean your bathroom floors and fixtures, barbeque grills and greasy stovetops.


This mop has an 8-foot steam hose that allows you to clean greasy floors and stovetops and also grimy barbeque grills. Another important thing about it is that it kills bacteria that are common in most bathroom fixtures.

On-Demand Trigger steam control

This steam mop has a fingertip selector that allows both continuous and intermittent steam. It can run up to 45 minutes per fill and takes only 12 minutes to preheat.

Portable and compact

Even though this steam mop is large enough to hold 48 fl.oz of water, it’s still light enough to carry it around. It has a handle that is conveniently integrated and wheels for smooth movement.

LED indicator lights

You can monitor the status of this steam mop at a glance of the LED indicator lights.

Cleaning tools

This mop comes with cleaning tools like two utility brushes, two extensions, a floor cleaning head and pad, a jet nozzle, squeegee, and a steam plate.


Designed to allow continuous steam flow which protects other steamers present.
Easy to use
Light in weight
Comes with cleaning tools
Versatile and useful


Lacks a powered brush attachment
Doesn’t contain an indicator to help you know the amount of water remaining

6. Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

Looking for something to plug and push to achieve a sparkling floor? You don’t just need a mop that cleans well but also dries the floor fast.

That’s what you get from the Shark steam pocket mop. This is the game because aside from being light in weight it’s comfortable to handle.

Below are some fantastic features about this mop.

Compact and lightweight

Whether you have tiled or hard floors in your home, you need a compact mop to finish that. I loved how easy this mop was to carry around as I did my cleaning.

It also leaves a dry and clean floor, a few minutes after cleaning.

Mop Head

The Shark’s head is rectangular, but you can buy a triangular head separately. The head has a height of 2 inches with the pad attached to it.

If you put the handle on a floor, it measures 5 inches high. This makes it flexible such that you can clean under furniture with ease.

With such a head, it is easy to work around table legs, corners and behind toilets.

Water tank and steam

The Shark’s water tank can hold up to 15 oz of water. Its tank is placed above its head. With such a water capacity, you won’t have unexpected interruptions of refilling the tank during the cleaning process.

You will have to lay the mop flat on the floor to fill the tank. The tank has a transparent window which lets you see the level of water and when you need to refill it.

This steam mop uses less power of about 1200 watts. When you plug the cord to the wall, the tank starts heating immediately. It, therefore, takes 30 seconds to be ready for use.

Cleaning solution options

The steam mop doesn’t use any chemicals. You need water only. If you want, you can spray detergents on your floor by use of hands as you clean then clean with the mop.


Dries the floor fast
It takes a short time to heat up
Uses less power
Doesn’t use chemicals making it environmentally friendly
Has a decent cord


It only comes with one pad
It cannot sanitize floors under regular use

7. Reliable Steam Boy Mop

Reliable Steamboy 200CU Steam Floor Mop

Do you ever feel sensitive to cleaners that use chemicals? If you love the environment, you might want to avoid chemicals as much as possible.

The Reliable steam boy is eco-friendly because it doesn’t use any chemicals. Here are some features you may want to know about it.

Easy to use

You don’t want to spend hours assembling the mop. Right? This mop is easy to assemble and use as well.

Once you put everything together, you can pull the water tank upwards, remove the cap and fill it with water.

You can then set the microfiber pads, and you will be good to go.

Ability to scrub tough spots

This mop has a feature on its scrubber that can scrub tough spots.

Hot steam disinfect

This mop produces super hot steam which makes cleaning easy and fast. It also reduces drying time. It can stand upright making it easy to store in small spaces.

Extra tasks

Apart from cleaning your tiles, you can use this mop to clean your carpet. This is a bonus because it comes with a carpet glide allowing you to use it on your carpet.


Has a high steam rate
Can clean both tiles and carpets
Easy to assemble and use
Has a removable water tank
Fits in small spaces
Comes with a carpet glider


Its manual doesn’t have diagrams

8. Shark Blast and Scrub

Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop

Are you looking for something that features both the pressurized “Blast” and a normal mode? The Shark blast and scrub is the way to go. The best thing about it is that it controls the steam levels automatically. Its blasting mode helps to sanitize crevices and kills hidden bacteria. Below are features of this steam mop.

Steam power

This steam mop delivers excellent results because it provides outstanding steam power in three settings. It has Hi for extensive cleaning, medium for daily cleaning and Lo for regular dusting.

Water filtration

Nothing is better than a water filtration system that reduces the hardness in water. The water filtration system of this steam mop reduces 80% of water hardness. This prevents the steam mop from getting infected with lime compounds. However, you need to use distilled water.


Using the Shark blast and scrub is easy. It heats up fast and is also light in weight. Since it emits enough steam in a short time, you can clean the toughest stains within a short time.


Easy to use
Light in weight
Controls steam levels automatically
Reduces water hardness
Has a washable cleaning pad


Has a washable cleaning pad
Quite noisy

9. McCulloch MC1275

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Forget about the hassle of cleaning your home with a mop bucket. The McCulloch MC1275 is here to make your work more comfortable than before. This is a heavy duty steam mop that is big and powerful. Below are unique features about it.


This cleaner can offer a maximum of 1500 watts of power. You can use it for 45 minutes without experiencing interruptions, and this quickens your job.

Environmentally friendly

You will not use any chemical when cleaning with this steam mop. You only need about 50-ounces water in a tank and switch it on. You can control the steam using the steam control switch.


This steam mop comes with 18 accessories. These are the steam jet nozzle, mop head, water funnel, squeegee, scrub pad, two microfiber pads, measuring cup, triangle brush, two extension wands, steam jet nozzle, brass utility brush, scrub pad, five nylon utility brushes and a triangle brush. Other features include a steam lock switch with ensures that you get continuous steam.


Easy to use
Excellent results
Deep cleans naturally and sanitizes the floor
Environmentally friendly


It doesn’t dry up excess steam on the floor fast

The FAQ and Additional Tips

  • What factors should I consider before choosing a steam mop?

    Answer: The following factors matter when you want to select a steam mop.

    1. Tank capacity

    When you have a large area that needs to be clean, you may want to use a steam mop with a bigger tank to avoid refilling it with water in the process of cleaning. As for small spaces, you can choose a steam mop with a small tank.

    2. Temperature

    A steam mop that reaches a high enough temperature helps to achieve optimal sanitization. You don’t just want to attain clean floors, but floors free from bacteria.
    That’s why you need to consider the highest temperature that the steam mop can reach.

    3. Drying time

    After using your steam mop, you might experience some little residual moisture. You should choose a steam mop that has a fast drying time to complete your cleaning time faster.

    4. Cleaning pads

    These are microfibers that carry away dirt. Some steam mops have various pads, and at times they may be different types. Consider the number and type of cleaning pads that it comes with.

    5. Pad rest

    You may need a padded rest for putting the mop while cleaning. If you need a short break while cleaning and you can set the mop on a padded rest.

    6. Length of the power cord
    Ensure that the power cord is long enough so that you can reach the PowerPoint with ease. Before shopping, you should know where your power cords are.

    7. Accessory tools

    Find out the accessory tools that the steam mops come with like the brush or the jet nozzle so that you can effectively clean areas like shower cubicles and grout among other areas.

  • How do steam mops work?

    Answer: Steam is a natural cleaning agent. You only need water and heat instead of chemicals to cleanse surfaces. Steam mops are made with cloth pads like any other mop, but they are a bit sophisticated.

  • What types of floors can steam mops clean?

    Answer: Aside from tiles, steam mops can clean hardwoods, laminates, and arsenal. There are specific steam mops models that can clean carpets apart from other surfaces.

Final verdict

Having reviewed best steam mop for tiles, I recommend the O-Cedar Microfiber if you are looking for a durable and fast cleaning mop. If you have pets in your home, I suggest that you get the Bissel 1940 as pets can be messy. However, if you are on a budget, you might want to buy the Shark Steam Mop because it will give you excellent results just like the others mentioned above.

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