bissell powerfresh steam mop review

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop Review That Will Blow Your Mind!

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 Eliminates Germs

This BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop review is truly going to blow your mind. Why? I have BISSELL Powerfresh 1940 steam mop that is famous among the buyers. Its wonderful cleaning capabilities is exactly what makes the BISSELL steam mop a popular choice.

While the unit’s great cleaning power eliminates challenging stains from floor, its affordability is uncomplicated on your pocket. Therefore, which makes this top BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop 1940, steam mop below $100?

At the same time, there are no needs for purchasing expensive detergent individually. The powerful steam stream coming from the BISSELL 1940 is sufficient to destroy 99.99% of bacteria and germs. This element is extremely helpful for individuals having pets or kids around the residence.

Setting excellent steam strength is important to obtain the top results. Therefore BISSELL 1940 steam mop provides 3 steam settings. Simply press the key and set steam output. As the “low-setting” is ideal for day-to-day steaming, the “high-setting” is better to eliminate challenging stains from floor.

Apart from that, the BISSELL steam mop includes a detachable water tank. It, therefore, assists filling of the water into tank. Additionally, 16-oz tank capacity is adequate to clean up a large space all at once.

Spring breeze aroma disk is exactly what makes the BISSELL 1940 steam mop Powerfresh different from the rest. Just insert scent disk into the mop pad for getting fresh scent when you clean your house.

So, you get double benefit of effective cleaning and relaxing odor with this unique BISSELL 1940 steam mop. Moreover, you can easily use this on many different sealed floors for example marble, granite, linoleum, ceramic and hardwood. Simply speaking, it is the perfect BISSELL 1940 steam mop when it comes to cleaning.

BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Floor Steamer, Steam Mop, And Tile Cleaner Review

Bissell 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop

This BISSELL Floor Steamer is a high quality & powerful steam mop which offers amazing cleaning power even at an affordable price. This particular steam mop cut through every single “stuck on” clutter we put before this with ease.

This was additionally simple to use along with features such as a detachable tank, adjustable levels of steam and a fast heat-up period. This PowerFresh is the top steam mop I analyzed for its perfect combination of handy features which will assist you to keep the floors clean with no use of the chemicals.

Though other units made too little or too much steam, it is produced simply the appropriate amount to clean. The ones which created not enough steam might not power via the “stuck on” things in my tests as well as the ones which produced a lot of steam kept the floor slippery and wet.This PowerFresh is best, although, even on hard, “dried on” mustard. Also, I let orange juice dry, spaghetti sauce and soda overnight on the kitchen floor of my laboratory, and this device cut through them all in few passes. This powered through spaghetti sauce as well as soda in fewest passes of other units I compared.

Also, I measured temps on cleaning pads of each floor steamer, and the BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop pads had the highest typical temperature. The greater the temp, the improved mops tend to be at “cutting-through” the messes and destroying germs.

The temperatures of hot water are the factor you can easily clean without chemical substances using a “steam-mop”, therefore the hot steam created by this particular mop results in cleaning power.

Not to mention, this device did good on obstacle course I created to assess maneuverability, particularly considering its broad cleaning surface. On the other hand, the cleaning area on the head of this mop is 13″ wide, yet it is made to get below things effortlessly and into firm corners.

Also, a scrubber fold-down brush can assist you to enter into grout as well as combat the “set in” spills as well. This BISSELL steam mop weighs in at 6 pounds. It is effortless to put together, use and even store. This unique steam mop can clean for quite a while, particularly considering its fairly small tank.

The process of refill is so simple with this, its “run-time” is less vital compared to other units. Stopping to the refill is a no “big-deal”. The detachable tank means that you do not have to get a pitcher and take the entire mop to the tap when it’s time for further water. It is easy to fill up the tank quickly, and also pick up exactly where you “left-off”.

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Digital Steam Control

One nice thing about making use of a “steam-mop” for cleaning the floors is you do not need to use any soap. That’s better for environment and excellent for individuals with breathing difficulties to chemicals.

However, if you want a fragrance after the cleaning, the PowerFresh includes fragrance discs which you can easily put into mop head which leave the home smelling just like perfect clean it is.

It is the ideal steam mop for offering control for particular tasks. It is easy to adjust steam to 3 different levels, thus you can make use of the proper amount required for every single mess. The greater steam you tend to use, the simpler it’s to power via “stuck on” gunk, yet that may leave your floors slippery quite for a long time.

My key focus in comparing these units was their capability to clean the floors, and PowerFresh was superb for that activity. Accessories offer you the versatility to steam some other surfaces as well as that can certainly be an awesome advantage.

There’s a “carpet-glide” attachment which raises this mop a little bit off the floor thus you can “freshen-up” the carpeted rooms, still that’s about this for extra attachments.

Competing devices had the hand tools which let you clean the fabrics, stovetops and shower stalls but as the most significant task of a “steam-mop” is mopping, I still give plenty of credits to this device.

In this BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop review, I have something more to offer you. BISSELL always stands by its device with a 2-years warranty that is superior to the typical for this kind of device.

That indicates confidence in PowerFresh. Needless to say, this manufacturer additionally makes this effortless to get solutions to any query you have regarding this “steam-mop”, through email or on phone. If you compare BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop 1940 vs 1940w then you will end up saying that 1940 device is the best.

This PowerFresh features the right level of steam to master any cleaning activity. This device comes with handy features such as its capability to “stand-on” its own, detachable tank and exceptional maneuverability.

This PowerFresh is definitely a great buy. If you want to know how to use BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop, then please check out this short video.

Pros and Cons of the BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop


It is lightweight
Offers an affordable price
It can heat up quite quickly
Cleans the dirt and floors on crevice
Simple to set it up and convenient to use
Trusted by almost 10 thousand customers


This steams hot thus be careful while using (it’s better to put on shoes to prevent toe burning while touching the feet
This doesn’t have the water filter thus you must use with the filter water for ensuring the longevity of the mop

Key Features Of BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop!

1. Edge-Cleaning Low-Profile Mop Head

Mop head will cover a large surface area. It ensures a shorter cleaning time. The “mop-head” has the recessed grove via which a removable “mop-pad” can be fixed firmly throughout a steam clean operation.

The hot steam comes out from the key body, from equally “spaced-pores” on lower part of mop head. It makes sure that steam launched is dispersed evenly onto the surface.

2. Easy Removable Scrubber

Detachable “Easy-Scrubber” is mounted on the rear of mop. The goal of this scrubber is actually to eliminate stubborn stains which need some scrubbing to enable the loosening effects of steam.

The scrubber also can be reduced to a similar level with mop head while required or raised while not required. It is made attainable through the proper use of an excellent system located on mop’s head.

On the other hand, scrubber can completely be unattached from mop while it requires a clean. This is one of the best BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop parts.

3. Swivel Maneuverable Head

Maneuverable swivel usually is positioned between the key body and head that is in touch with floor. The versatile swivel joint permits the effortless manipulation of mop head when cleaning the floor surface area.

The joint enables an optimum rotation of around 270 degrees that provides sufficient rotating room for all mopping operations. The sturdy design of swivel joint guarantees the joint continues as much longer as the other units.

4. Steam Control

“Smart-Set” steam controls tend to be positioned on the top facing portion of mop’s body. These controls provide 3 steam settings such as: high, medium and low.

The setting of “low-steam” level is perfect for “fresh-spills” of substances having a lower viscosity for example ink, fruit juice, coffee, and tea. The setting of “medium-steam” level is perfect for spills having a high viscosity for example mayonnaise, porridge, ice cream, jelly, soup, mud and fruit jam.

The “high-steam” setting is best for spills which have a while to dry completely, thus becoming very stubborn to eliminate with lower settings.

5. Detachable Tank For Water

The detachable “water-tank” is positioned on the top side of body of unit and also can easily hold around 15-oz water.

Not to mention, this water will be sufficient for 1 hour of ongoing steam mopping. But in the event that water tends to run out, detachable tank can easily be removed, replaced and refilled when the “steam-mop” is in use.

6. Fast Release Wire Wraps

The fast release wire wraps make this simple for unwinding the power wire as the cleaning moves from power outlet. On the other hand, the broad placement of upper and lower cord wraps allow it to be possible to wind up entire 23 feet length of the wire easily onto the device during storage.

7. Specially Made Handle For Strain Reliever

The assembly of handle is made up of a particularly designed hollow short aluminum rod as well as the “handle-bar” itself. At the same time, design of handle features a durable rubber grip which makes sure that the user gets the firmer hold when using this steam mop.

Also, the rubberized grip is mounted on aluminum rod into the angle which guarantees as less strains as it is possible to the wrist. One last thing to say, the BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop instructions will help you use and main this device with perfection. So, keep the instruction available to you always.


Last but not least, this BISSELL 1940 offers all these excellent opinions, still is this ideal steam mop to buy? Listed below are the significant points to take into account before you end up saying yes.

1st, were you trying to find an awesome steam mop which you can use frequently to sanitize the floors completely? We have already seen the mop will require too much time to accomplish this.

2nd, are the floors sealed? In that case, you are in a good shape.

3rd, are you confident choosing one which cannot use any kind of cleaners? If you are, then it may be ideal for you.

In my view, it is simple to use, can do a great job to clean (not sanitizing) and is easy to maintain as well as you will not need to purchase so many extras every month to continue using this.

If you have been making use of any manual mop, then you will definitely appreciate how faster this is to complete the job with this device.

There’s no doubt that BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop 1940 will be a great option for you. However, you can make your own choice. I bet you, this is the best one out there.

If you enjoyed this BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop review then make sure to share your views in the comment box below. Also, share this post with your friends on social media. Have an excellent mopping session!

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