shark nv752 review

Shark NV752 Review That Will Blow Your Mind!

Shark NV752

I must say this shark nv752 review is going to blow your mind. When you’re in the marketplace to buy an innovative vacuum cleaner, you’ll have to come up with the right decision or perform some research just before making the good investment that will assist you to get the best one.

Shark nv752 vacuum is lightweight, innovative, designed in such a way which will support all the cleaning needs; therefore, it is the best vacuum cleaner which you should get for your daily cleaning task.

When trying to buy the top shark vacuum cleaner, there are a number of factors to think about, such as the price with the top features and overall performance of the product. As usually, vacuums last for many years so, getting the right one is very important.

You will find plenty of choices as there are various models and brands out there, and vacuums are available in various sizes and shapes.

Listed below is the review of shark rotator powered lift away nv752 to assist make your choice even simpler.

Shark Nv752 Vacuum Cleaner Review!

Every Shark Navigator and Rotator upright vacuum cleaner I have reviewed and used has shown outstanding performance over an array of cleaning chores.

Its “No-Loss-Suction” power is actually on par along with other premier uprights. This has a regulator for suction so you will not throw rugs or suck up the light mats.

Euro-Pro applies lots of thoughts into designing their vacs that are mirrored in the extremely positive reviews of the customers.

Its Lift-Away aspect makes this unique bagless upright incredibly flexible. The key difference between Shark NV752 Rotator and some other “Lift Away” units is the “cleaning-head” is POWERED! Additionally, brushroll is powered with a similar electric motor unit as when this is in upright mode.

It is a massive benefit while vacuuming any carpets, either low – lush pile, as well as stairs. It is probably the top option for cleaning under beds I’ve seen.

On the other hand, “Dusting-Brush” attachment and “Lift Away” mode are truly excellent to clean ceiling fans.

Its motorized brushroll and powerful suction, in either Lift-Away or Upright modes, make this a serious vacuum for Pet Hair!

Shark Rotator devices utilize an extremely well made “HEPA-Sealed” Filtration Process. Not just does it capture particulates as small as 0.4 microns, additionally, it stops them from dripping around filter and also getting blown into the air which you breathe.

This shark rotator powered lift away nv752 was honored the “Seal-of-Approval” by Foundation of British Allergy.

Euro-Pro makes use of a Steering Technique which I personally prefer better than Ball Steering of Dyson. It does not add much weight as well as it feels simpler on the arm and wrist.

The variety of accessories will let you clean nearly anything in the house. The “Genie-Bare” Floor Attachment truly does a very great job on laminate, vinyl, hardwood, and other soft floor surfaces. Watch this video to learn more about this vacuum cleaner.

Pros and Cons of the Bissell Spinwave 2039A


Washable filter
Stylish design
Removable canister
Strong suction capability
Energetic swivel steering
Has LED light for the dark areas
Outstanding cleaner for pet hair
Hassle-free fingertip controls
Many tools available for cleaning
Useful motor-driven hand attachments
Will enter tight spaces due to narrow power-head


The power of dust cup is smaller
Cumbersome and heavy for some individuals
Animal fur can wind across the brush
Maybe hard to move for some people
Fine dust isn’t separated and even goes directly to its filter. It can reduce the suction power as the dirt accumulates

Top Features Of Shark Nv752 Vacuum Cleaner!

Best For The Pet Owners

This Shark Rotator Lift-Away Powered (NV752) TruePet is the perfect vacuum for the pet owners. This TruPet motor-driven brush and pet “multi-tool” makes this a formidable device that will is able to clean up the pet tresses from all areas.

Powered Liftaway Function

Even though this Shark NV752 Rotator is an amazing upright vacuum cleaner with powered liftaway function it transforms easily into a “canister-vacuum” which allows you to clean the stairs easily and challenging to reach places.

This extra performance lets you expand the access of vacuum to get to the tough to reach places below and above floor.

Cleaner Air

This Shark vacuum cleaner has an entirely sealed system which prevents allergens and dust from getting back into air. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner features a HEPA filtration system. These two aspects allow more than 99.99% of allergens and dust to be caught inside this vacuum.

Its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology holds and captures over 99% of allergens and dust inside the vacuum cleaner, not putting this back into air you inhale and exhale – superb news for allergy sufferers and pet owners!

Controls For Finger Tip

The quick access controls for fingertip makes this simple to proceed from hard surfaces to carpets as well as contributes to overall convenience of this unique vacuum.

Overall Performance On Different Sort Of Floors

This shark nv752 vacuum cleaner features 3 quickly accessible settings. Hard-floor setting, thick/high pile carpet, and low pile carpet. This vacuum cleaner includes a “hard-floor” hero accessory which lets you get dust and litter stuck on the hardwood floors. This vacuum provides settings for the carpet that will allow you to alter the power of suction.

Simple To Maneuver

A few reviewers have pointed out that the “swivel-steering” feature of this vacuum cleaner makes it hard to handle. However, when you get accustomed to it you’ll discover that this feature allows you to move the vacuum even in the tight areas.

LED Lights

LED lights probably are one particular feature you did not think you required. The headlights will highlight dust in the dark areas and lets you find that annoying pet tresses in those challenging to reach space.

Best Tips To Maintain The Shark Vacuum Cleaner!

Reduction of the suction power will be the key signal of a unique vacuum which is due to cleaning; however, you should not wait until this reaches that point.
Be mindful of the see-through dust cup, therefore, you can easily empty this before it “fills-up” and decreases suction power. Preferably, you ought to empty this when it’s 50%-75% full.
This is recommended to clean the “dust-cup” with a brush, warm water and soap at least one time in 30 days. HEPA filters and Foam can be cleaned. Stay away from washing the “felt-filter” as it may void the extended warranty. Make sure that the filters and dust cup are dry just before putting them in this vacuum cleaner.
This is recommended to clean the “dust-cup” with a brush, warm water and soap at least one time in 30 days. HEPA filters and Foam can be cleaned. Stay away from washing the “felt-filter” as it may void the extended warranty. Make sure that the filters and dust cup are dry just before putting them in this vacuum cleaner.
Hoses should additionally be checked out for any object which could be stuck in them.

Shark Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Air Filtering System

This is possibly the greatest development in recent times, the capability to filter out the air moving via your vacuum, eliminating pet and pollen dander.

It is attained by using HEPA filters for removing allergens and particles from air moving through this machine, launching clean fresh air flow as exhaust. A few devices even have additional air fresheners departing the aroma which you have chosen behind.

Dust Catching Capability

The size of dust bin is clearly associated with the entire size of the machine. It is perfect not to check that size, although, because you might be eliminating materials from the bagless bin using your hands in case it is jammed.

It is also better to put particles in the can when you can (stay away from the can in the kitchen) as everything you eliminate will carry a smell you do not wish to spread all over.

Stick Versus Upright

Upright vacuum cleaners have their mass in handle mounted on the head. This head sucks up particles or beats rug from the flat surface area, moving this into a “dust-bin” that is in handle with motor. It is convenient to get bigger dirt bin and greater power; however, the advantage is that such devices are much larger than others.

On the other hand, sticks have smaller types of everything. This suction power is not as intense as well as the battery (or even corded engine) does not pack a similar punch. If you’re living with a narrow cleaning head, it is not a problem, mainly if you just have to cover smaller spaces.


Exactly how well the vacuum moves to and fro across the floor this is cleaning is determined by several factors. First of all, it is a movement system driving the head, both wheels which can easily move in just one axis path or a “rotational-ball” which moves in several directions.

Sometimes it is a combination of both, adding flexibility which can additionally result in wrestling matches on the heavily sculptured carpets.

Cordless Versus Corded Power

There has been a continuing argument about which one is best, a cordless or a corded vacuum. Corded vacuums can easily run forever as there is no battery power to expire. However, if you are trying to avoid obstacles, then cord may be annoying.

On the other hand, the cordless types are reputed for having the ability to clean hard spaces, such as carpeted stairs, and getting into the corners.

Improvements in the design of Shark battery means that they can keep going longer on just one charge, as well as they recharge quicker. Still, not getting sufficient power to complete your cleaning task can be an inconvenience.

Shark NV752 Vs NV803

Both Shark NV803 and NV752 can be utilized as upright classic vacuum cleaner because “LiftAway” vacuum and canister vacuum using optional “canister-caddy”.

The Shark NV752 includes somewhat stronger motor – it means that the Shark NV752 will cover larger space faster, but also it needs more passes for cleaning deeply embedded as well as stuck-on dust than the Shark NV803.

The Air filtration system in both devices is excellent, but NV803 includes slightly superior air filtration.

Again, both devices have powerful LED headlights, yet NV752 comes with the “LED-lights” on handle that can be vital when the device is utilized in canister and Lift-Away modes, without motor-driven floor nozzle.

Shark NV752 Vs NV501

While both units may use the similar technology, you’ll discover that each product suits a specific sort of cleaning need.

To begin with, based on look, both Shark NV752 and NV501 sport a bagless and cordless design. Both items are manufactured utilizing the similar materials which include long-lasting plastic with rubber and metal.

Both units feature the “3 in 1” mode, with every mode designed to target particular problematic places of your house.

Shark NV752 Vs NV801

You will not get confused while looking at the Shark NV801 and NV752 because they have totally different appearance and design. The NV801 is a lot thinner so it is really a hassle-free device.

The first aspect is worth talking about is the Swivel Steering. Not to mention, this technology lets Shark NV801 vs NV752 move easily around furniture devoid of damaging them.

On top of that, both of them are built with the lift-away functionality, which means that you can easily use the Shark NV752 and NV801 as powerful and classic upright vacuums.

With plenty of superior technologies, Shark NV801 and NV752 cannot be a frustration.

FAQs About Shark NV752!

  • Why Are The Battery Run Vacuums So Weak Compared To The Corded Models?

    Answer: I am not an engineer, therefore, I’m probably not experienced to say, yet it seems that the maker dials the power back in the cordless units to prolong the battery life.

  • How Simple Are The Replacement Parts To Discover For The Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

    Answer: The majority of products on sale today have spare parts on different marketplaces. Shark is definitely a big brand and used widely. Most vacuum cleaner repair businesses can stock the Shark parts.

  • Did You Face Any Issue With Robot Vacuum Scratching The Flooring?

    Answer: No! We were conscious of a few robot cleaners getting problems and tried this device on an array of flooring. We did not experience any problems throughout our test.

  • Does Shark Guarantee Or Warranty Their Devices?

    Answer: Shark nv752 review here has a warranty on manufacturing flaws of 12 months, some up to 5 years. It depends upon the product you choose.

  • How Long Will Be The “Power-Leads” On Shark Vacuum?

    Answer: Typically most models have a “power-lead” of around 30 foot.


On the whole, the Shаrk NV752 is the top bagless upright I’ve reviewed. This gave outstanding performance for eliminating pet tresses from low – plush pile carpeting.

It is what I will call “а major Vacuum for Pet Hair!” All the accessories are thoughtfully made of top quality, and also they work effectively.

The Shark NV752 is a great option for pet masters who have both hardwood and carpeting floors in the home.

Its weight is fairly light compared to other large uprights; however, still, it may be a problem if your house is multilevel. I’ve recommended the shark rotator nv752 Vacuum cleaner to my customers, friends, and family.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Now, it’s time to share this post on social media with your friends. Also, leave your opinions in the comment box below. Have a great time.

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