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Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review: Solve Your Pet Mess Problems with this Powerful Carpet Cleaner

There are plenty of home carpet cleaners out there, but which one do you choose? How do you know which model will best suit your needs? I’ve done the research and I am pleased to bring you this comprehensive Hoover Power Scrub Elite review of my personal selection: the Hoover Elite Power Scrub Pet Carpet Cleaner.

Don’t you just love the feeling of a freshly cleaned carpet beneath your feet? Renting a carpet cleaning machine is such a pain: you have to drive all the way to the store, drag it home, spend your free time cleaning, lug the wet machine back to the store. There’s a better way.

It was really important to me that I select a good carpet cleaning machine for my house; I have two messy kids and a long-haired cat. My son has indoor allergies as well, so I needed something that would effectively suck up the dust and the dander.

Clean Those Dirty Carpets Quickly And Effectively

This powerful machine runs at 10 amps; it’s specifically designed to clean homes with pets, kids, or unscrupulous spouses with muddy boots. Easy to use, this carpet cleaner features a block of 6 antimicrobial spinning brushes. These lift dirt and grime from the carpet fibers without damaging them, and also keep the germs at bay.


The Hoover Elite is an upright carpet cleaner designed to be used with one hand, similar to an upright vacuum. It’s light, easy to push, and easy to use.

Large capacity water tank (just over 1 gallon) to save you annoying trips back and forth to the sink.
Large capacity water tank (just over 1 gallon) to save you annoying trips back and forth to the sink.
Weighs 19 pounds for easy mobility.
Automatically mixes appropriate amounts of detergent, no waste or mess.
Dries carpet quickly with the “quick time setting”: boasts a time of 45 minutes or less.
The 20-inch power cord should be enough to tackle any sized room.
Rinse setting option.

Two Distinct Modes

The Hoover Elite is special because it features two distinct modes of cleaning to suit your needs: “Deep Clean” and “Quick Clean.”

Deep Clean

Select this option for high traffic areas, such as entryways or hallways. This option gives you a deeper, more thorough clean, which is excellent for highly soiled spots. It can leave your carpet wetter than with the quick clean, so use with caution.

Quick Clean

Select this option for regular maintenance cleaning. The biggest drawback to wet carpet cleaning is that your carpets can get soaked and take forever to dry. But with this option, your carpets will be dry in less than 45 minutes. The machine has a built-in fan that directs heated air towards your floors to dry your carpet faster.

Heatforce Action

The strategically placed Heatforce fans provide heat downward and dry your carpets quickly. This sets the Hoover Elite apart from other carpet cleaners and helps you get your house back in order sooner.

Antimicrobial Brushes

It uses a block of 6 rotating antimicrobial brushes, fashioned across a 12” cleaning surface. The wider the cleaning surface, the fewer passes you have to make. Their antimicrobial material ensures that you’re not depositing leaving germs behind when you store your machine.

DualV Nozzle

The DualV nozzle effectively sucks dirt and excess water from your carpet. The dual tank design keeps the dirty water separate from the clean reservoir, limiting cross-contamination.


The 8-foot hose and hard bristles of the edge cleaning brushes help you reach those hard-to-clean areas. This is important for a machine designed with pets in mind; you never know where they may have made a mess!

Pros and Cons of the Hoover Elite


Quick and easy to use. Just fill the tank, add the cleaner, and you’re ready to go
No need to go back and forth to the store with a rental machine, or worry about scheduling professional cleaners
Cost effective alternative to store rentals or professionals
Dries carpets quickly
Nice large water tank
Two modes for easy use
Ability to rinse as you go
Not bulky: stores easily


If you want additional tool attachments, you must purchase them. This machine only comes with the 2 in 1 pet hair attachment

What To Look For In A Carpet Cleaner

There are some important facts to consider when purchasing a carpet cleaner for home use:

Cord length: You don’t want to get tripped up on a short cord, and you want to be able to clean hard to reach areas. The Hoover Elite has a 20’ cord, which should do the trick.

Weight: Carpet cleaners are heavy, especially with full tanks. This machine is less than 20 pounds, which makes it maneuverable even when full.

Quick Start Guide Instructions

  1. Fill the tank with warm water. Make sure it’s not too hot (over 140 degrees F)
  2.  Add cleaning solution: it’ll mix it for you
  3.  Pull the trigger to dispense the cleaning fluid, and push the Hoover forward and back
  4.  Release the trigger, push the hoover forward and pull back
  5.  Repeat as necessary
  6.  Set the machine to “rinse” and repeat
  7.  When you’re done, Empty the tank and allow it to fully air dry before storing

(For more detailed instructions and troubleshooting, the hoover power scrub elite manual has all the information that you may need.)

Health And Safety

The health and safety of your family are paramount. Carpets are like giant filters: they trap dirt, hair, allergens, dust mines, and germs.

The good news is that if these things are in your carpets, they’re not in your lungs or on your body. The bad news is that with every step you take, you run the risk of sending these things circulating into the air. And, because your carpet acts as a giant filter, it will eventually fill up over time.

Does your family have indoor allergies like mine? It’s important to clean your carpets regularly to remove the dust, pet dander, or other allergy triggers. Unfortunately, cleaning your carpets with water can open the door to mold and mildew if it’s a humid day and the carpet takes too long to dry.

This is why I chose the Hoover Elite: the quick dry function will dry your carpets quickly and efficiently. Not only will you be removing allergens, but new ones won’t be allowed to breed and make your family sick. Choose the quick clean setting for regular touch-ups, and save the deep clean for a fairly dry day when you can be out of the house.

Alternatives To A Home Carpet Cleaner

Should you keep renting, or should you buy? If you’re still on the fence about the Hoover Elite, consider these alternatives and weigh their pros and cons.

Professional Cleaners


They’ll tackle your tough messes, no matter how many pets or kids you have.
Powerful machines. Professional grade machines will get the job done quickly and effectively.
Someone else is doing the work. You can go out for lunch and come back to clean carpets.


Depending on the size and soil level of the areas you need to clean, you may find yourself with quite an expensive endeavor ahead of you.
You may have to take time off work, or schedule cleaners around other commitments. If their schedule is booked, you might be living with dirty carpets for longer than you want.
Every company uses its own chemicals to clean your carpets, but with a home machine, you can easily use your preferred cleanser.
Drying time. They probably won’t be able to dry as quickly as a home machine.
You still have to do the work of dusting, vacuuming, and moving your furniture around. Otherwise, you could be faced with additional expenses.

Renting A Machine


More affordable than hiring a cleaning company.
No need to store a home machine.


You need to take time out of your day to get to the store and return the machine within a timely manner.
All machines are different, and you might end up with one that works inconsistently, or leaks all over your back seat.
Bringing other people’s dirt into your home. You can always clean the machine before and after use, but with a rental, you never really know where it’s been

I once rented a machine from a store before purchasing my own. It was big, unwieldy, and difficult to use. Also, it smelled funny. Sure, it cleaned my carpets. But now that I have my own, I don’t have to think about the time and energy it will take to procure a machine. Not to mention, what if you make it to the store and there aren’t any left? Your time is valuable, and there’s no need to waste it running around renting a rug cleaner.

Hoover Power Scrub Elite vs Deluxe

Hoover Elite

Bigger tank
Specific pet tool
Antimicrobial brushes
Quicker drying time
Edge cleaning brushes

Hoover Deluxe

Upholstery and stairs attachment

If your home is filled with pets and messy children and you’re short on time, you’re probably going to want to choose the Hoover Elite. The Hoover Deluxe is probably capable of handling pet messes, but the Hoover Elite is specifically designed for it.

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review: FAQ

  • How does it handle urine or other bodily fluids?

    Answer: This cleaner is specifically designed to handle tough pet messes. It works best if you pretreat a stain with the recommended cleaner, and then clean the carpet. Pet messes should be deodorized and eliminated.

  • Is the cleaner safe for kids and pets?

    Answer: Yes, the cleaner is safe. There are many different types of cleaners listed in the manual, but you can likely use your own. Just double check with the manufacturer.

  • Does the kind of carpet matter?

    Answer: The Hoover Elite can handle high pile or low pile carpets. It works best to remove pet hair from those with a tight, low pile, but it will probably be fine for thicker carpets. Just use caution, and test a small patch first.

  • Is it easy to clean?

    Answer: Yes. It’s not a self-cleaning machine, but there are detailed cleaning instructions in the manual. Always remember to put the machine away while it’s dry, and secure any cleaning solutions.

  • Is it easy to maneuver?

    Answer: It should be, but remember that it’s not a vacuum. Be aware that the machine will be heavier when filled with water, and a full tank is heavy! Use caution when emptying, but it shouldn’t be unmanageable.

  • Does it work like a vacuum?

    Answer: Not in the traditional sense, no. Running your vacuum before using your cleaner will save you a lot of time picking up the loose dirt on the surface. Your machine will only have to dig for the deep dirt, and you’ll save time and energy in the long run.

  • Does it come with attachments for stairs or upholstery?

    Answer: This model only includes the 2-in-1 pet scrubber tool. But, additional attachments are available to purchase separately, and they will work with this machine.

  • Can this machine be used on multiple floors?

    Answer: Of course! It’s definitely a multi-floor carpet cleaner. Depending on the size of your rooms, you may need to empty the tank a few times. It’s not so heavy that you couldn’t carry it up to the stairs, but you may want to consider carrying the machine first to the floor you’re looking to clean and then filling it. A full tank is heavy!

Additional Tips

Here are some handy tips to help you get the full use and benefits from your machine. As always, double check with the manual and follow the instructions carefully to ensure the best results.

Always dust your furniture and vacuum your carpets before running your carpet cleaner. You don’t want the dust from your drapes to fall into your freshly clean carpets!
Don’t hover for too long in one spot: you could soak your carpet.
Try using a pre-cleaner for tough, set-in stains. You shouldn’t need one just for everyday dirt.
Make sure to use the rinse setting. Simply washing the carpet will churn up a lot of dirty water, which will then sit on your carpet as it dries. Using the rinse setting as you go will remove this dirty water, and is a step recommended by the manufacturer.
When emptying the tank, look out for hair. You’ll probably want to put down a strainer in your tub to catch it, as it could clog your drains.

The Final Verdict

My final analysis? This is a great machine. As a busy mother of two, I don’t have time to drag my kids to the store for a rental. And I definitely don’t want to spend the money on professional cleaners every time my cat makes a mess.

The Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner is a powerful carpet cleaner that will make your life easier. You can use it for deep cleaning, cleaning pet messes or drink spills, or you can just use it as part of your regular routine. It’s sturdy enough to use regularly, and it removes everyday dirt and allergens to keep your family safe and healthy.

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