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Best Handheld Vacuum for Car 2022 | Reviews & Guide

When it comes to cleaning the interior of the car, canister vacuum cleaners might be not so great. How are you going to clean the most distant corners of your car with a canister vacuum? That’s when handheld vacuums for car cleaning come into play.

Their portability is exactly what you needed to easily clean every corner of your car’s interior with. Add to that the multitude of available attachments and handheld vacuums for car become a pretty versatile tool! Sounds like what you need? Then welcome to our Best Handheld Vacuum for Car reviews!

We have picked 10 handheld vacuums for car that are considered the best in terms of their price, features, advantages & disadvantages. Maybe one of them is what you are looking for! We will also take a look at the general features of handheld vacuums for car on our buying guide. After going through it, you should have no issues with determining the best handheld vacuum for car.

Let’s get going with our reviews!

Best Handheld Vacuum for Car: Comparison

Top 10 Handheld Car Vacuum Reviews

In this section of the article, we will be doing 10 reviews of the best vacuums that you can buy for cars. We went into great details and hopefully, you will like the end results.

1. MKROYO Car Vacuum, Car Vacuum Cleaner MKROYO DC

MKROYO handheld car vacuum cleaner is a rather affordable vacuum, but it does quite many things! This little guy can suck up virtually any kind of dirt and fluid into its little trash bin: cigarette ashes, spilled drinks, hair, crumbs, and what not can be eliminated with this handheld vacuum.

The included HEPA filter should also be perfectly capable to deal with microscopic particles, as well as allergens. And because it is washable, you can be sure that you will be able to use the filter for quite some time. With the 16.4 feet power cord, you can reach virtually any corner of your car.

The variety of attachments allows you to enhance the range of use of this handheld car vacuum. The crevice tube can help you reach nooks, the brush attachment allows you to do a deeper cleaning of the fabrics, while the extension tube with one of the attachments on it can enter areas that are otherwise inaccessible.


Can suck up dirt and fluids.
The suction power of 3500 pa.
Reaches every corner of the car thanks to the long cord.
Washable HEPA filter.
Comes with different attachments.


The extension tube is a little bit short.

2. Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum

Up next on our reviews of best handheld vacuum for car is Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac. In terms of overall functionality, this model is pretty much identical to MKROYO handheld vacuum.

Although Shark Rocket isn’t designed for cars specifically, it can do a great job helping you with dealing with the mess in your car.Shark made sure that Rocket handheld vacuum delivers powerful suction, which is stable throughout the cleaning process. This handheld vacuum can effectively pick up pet hair, dirt, dust, as well as allergens from your car’s interior.

It seems that the filter system of this handheld vacuum isn’t HEPA, so you should probably look for something else if you are really after those allergens. All the dirt and dust is collected into the compact dust cup of the handheld vacuum.

After you are done, you only need to push a button to empty the dust cup. The power cord of Shark Rocket Corded handheld vacuum isn’t as long as with MKROYO vacuum, but the length of 15 feet should be more than enough to get around in the car freely.

In terms of attachments, Shark Rocket is good: it comes with an expansion hose, crevice tool, mini motorized brush, and a moderately stiff brush. It would also be nice if Shark included a brush with soft bristles to help you deal with bare surfaces of the interior.


Powerful and stable suction.
Easy emptying of the dust cup.
Long power cord.
Multiple attachments included.
1-year warranty.


A soft bristle brush would be nice.
Can’t be powered by the car’s cigarette lighter.

3. NOOX Car Vacuum Cleaner

NOOX Car Vacuum Cleaner isn’t so different in terms of its functionality either, but it is more powerful than the MKROYO handheld car vacuum we reviewed in the beginning: NOOX vacuum delivers 4000 pa of suction power against 3500 pa of the MKROYO model.

As you would expect from a good handheld car vacuum, this model can pick up virtually any kind of mess you could encounter in your car, including dirt, dust, pet hair, and even fluids! Moreover, the washable HEPA filter allows for more effective performance against allergens.

The rather long 14.8-foot power cord is plugged into the cigarette lighter port, and it is long enough to ensure that you won’t have to worry about your reach. The cigarette plug can also be used with power adapters that have a cigarette lighter port.

NOOX handheld car vacuum comes with a good set of attachments, including extension tube, crevice tool, and a brush. A bad thing about this handheld car vacuum is that it heats up only after 20 minutes of use so you might need to do frequent pauses if the cleaning task is a large one.


4000 pa of suction power
Can suck in fluids, cigarette ashes, leaves, dust, pet hair.
Long power cord to access anywhere in the car.
Washable HEPA filter for extra effectiveness against allergens.
Easy to empty dirt container.
Equipped with several attachments.


Heats up only after 20 minutes of continuous use.

4. Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum

In number four on our reviews of best handheld vacuum for car is Bissell CleanView Deluxe handheld vacuum. The design of this model is a little bit different: it features a curved carrying handle, but it probably won’t make much of a difference in terms of convenience of the handheld vacuum.

Because Bissell realizes the importance of both suction and the brush action, Deluxe handheld vacuum comes with a quite powerful 4amp motor, as well as a default rubber nozzle to help you with cleaning fabrics and upholstery.

What else do you need for your car? If you want to deal with allergens, the washable HEPA filter system of this model will come in handy.

With the included 2-foot extension tube, you should be able to access any corner of your car. Apart from that, Deluxe comes with a wide-mouth tool with a brush, and a crevice tool.

With the long 18-foot power cord, Bissell Deluxe can deliver more flexibility to cleaning larger cars, though keep in mind that this handheld cleaner can’t be plugged into a lighter port by default.

Also be mindful of the side vents of this small hand vacuum: their airflow might blow the dust away from yet untreated surfaces, so you should be extra careful.


Lightweight and compact.
Multi-level HEPA filtration for increased effectiveness against dust and allergens.
18-foot power cord.
Wide choice of attachments.


The side vents may blow the dust off the cleaned surface.
Can’t be powered through a lighter port.

5. Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum

Now comes the first cordless handheld vacuum on our reviews: Dyson V6 Car + Boat! A cordless handheld vacuum is less cumbersome and allows you to not worry about power outlets during your cleaning tasks.

Although this model is cordless, it delivers quite a bit of suction power thanks to its cyclonic system, as well as the high-performance motor that, as Dyson states, is up to 3 times faster than traditional motors.

In case the base suction power isn’t enough for you, you can switch to more powerful suction, though the battery’s charge won’t hold on for more than about 6 minutes in this case.

Speaking of the battery, it ensures up to 20 minutes of operation on the regular power. Dyson V6 Trigger comes with a compact dustbin that can be emptied with a push of a button. In terms of accessories, Dyson included a lot of attachments with this handheld vacuum.

The crevice tool will allow you to reach nooks; the mini motorized tool and the stubborn dirt will help you deal with stubborn stains on the upholstery; the mini soft dusting brush will be the right choice for bare surfaces; lastly, the extension tube will allow you to reach far corners that are otherwise inaccessible.


Switchable power mode.
One-touch dustbin emptying.
Ergonomic handle.
Comes with a lot of attachments.


Up to 20 minutes of battery life.

6. BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L is yet another cordless model on our reviews of best handheld vacuum for car, but this one is much cheaper than the Dyson V6 we reviewed earlier. In terms of functionality, there aren’t so many outstanding features in this handheld vacuum, though it doesn’t make this little guy a bad choice for the money.

The familiar cyclonic action is designed to keep the filter clean while ensuring powerful suction. Speaking of the filter, it can be removed and washed for increased longevity.

The same goes for the dustbin, which is also rather easy to empty, though it isn’t a one-touch emptying bin like those of the previous vacuums.

Quite a nice feature of this cordless handheld vacuum is its slim nozzle that can access tight areas. You could also enhance the nozzle with the flip-up brush, as well as the crevice tool pull-out. But you won’t get the convenient extension tube with this model, unfortunately.

The main downside of this vacuum is the charging base. When charging, the vacuum just sits on it in an upright position, but it is not fixed by anything, so it is quite easy to knock the vacuum over.


Quite affordable.
Cyclonic action to keep the filter clean.
Washable filter and dustbin.
Easy to empty.
The slim nozzle fits confined areas.
Comes with several extensions..


The charging base doesn’t fixate the vacuum in any way, making it easy for you to accidentally knock it over.
No extension tube.

7. Bissell Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum

With this handheld vacuum, Bissell offers a good balance between price and power: although this model isn’t as powerful as Dyson V6, it is much more affordable. Bissell cordless hand vacuum comes with a remarkable range of attachments.

Firstly, the motorized brush roll is designed to deal with tougher dirt and stains on your fabrics. The dusting brush is suitable for treating bare surfaces of the car’s interior. Lastly, the crevice tool will provide you with access to tight corners.

Apart from those attachments, Bissell hand vacuum comes with a flexible extension wand, as well as a rigid extension hose, though the wand is rather short. Another nice feature of this handheld vacuum is the onboard lighting for extra visibility on darker fabrics.

The transparent dirt bin of this handheld vacuum needs to be removed before emptying, which probably won’t be a great deal for you, though it might seem a little bit inconvenient when compared with the other models.

As for the battery life, it is only up to 14 minutes, which will be perfectly enough for quick cleaning sessions but won’t be enough for a more thorough cleaning.


Good level of suction power.
A versatile vacuum for a wide range of cleaning tasks.
Onboard lights for a little bit of additional visibility.
Comes with a good variety of attachments.


The extension hose is rather short.
Only 14 minutes of battery life.
Smaller dust cup with 0.4 liters of capacity.

8. WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum

WELIKERA Dust Buster cordless handheld vacuum is rather remarkable for its battery time: it can work for up to 25 minutes on a single charge! Its cyclonic system delivers rather powerful suction, but it can’t obviously compare with the suction of the more expensive handheld vacuums.

The Dust Buster will be a good choice for those who want to get rid of allergens effectively: this handheld vacuum comes with a HEPA filter, which can be washed for increased longevity. Weighing about 2.8 pounds, WELIKERA Dust Buster is great for longer cleaning sessions.

The inbuilt LED lighting also contributes to the convenience of the Dust Buster, allowing you to see better on dark fabrics or in dark corners of your car. The Dust Buster comes with a pretty standard set of attachments: an extension hose, a crevice tool, and a brush to treat the fabric in your car with.


Boasts powerful cyclonic suction.
25 minutes of battery life.
Washable HEPA filtration system.
Comment CheckOnboard LED illumination.


Doesn’t illuminate the area directly in front of the nozzle because of the LED light’s design.

9. Holife 6KPA Hand Vacuum Cleaner

HoLife handheld cordless vacuum is a little bit simpler yet quite a powerful model: it delivers 6,000pa of suction. All in all, this handheld vacuum is a nice choice for car cleaning as it can suck in fluids, dirt, cigarette ashes, and whatnot.

HoLife cordless handheld vacuum is equipped with a washable filter, but there is one peculiarity about it. It is surrounded by a plastic deflector, which makes the filter quite easy to become clogged, depending on what kind of trash you are trying to pick up.

Long pet hair could get stuck in the filter, so don’t go for this model is pet hair is a primary concern. The battery of HoLife is rather nice: it has enough charge for 30 minutes of non-stop operation.

Weighing 3.27 pounds, this handheld vacuum is rather lightweight as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any kind of lights to illuminate the interior of the car.

Lastly, HoLife included a pretty standard attachment kit: a crevice tool, as well as two brush attachments. No extension tube, unfortunately.


Good dust capacity of 0.6 liters and water capacity of 100 ml.
Powerful suction.
30 minutes of battery life.
Washable filter.


The filter gets clogged quickly.
No extension hose included.

10. HoLife Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Upgraded Version)

And the last model on our reviews of best handheld vacuum for car is another model by HoLife.

It seems that the filter system of this handheld vacuum doesn’t get clogged that easily, making it more effective overall and in particular against pet hair. Apart from pet hair, the HoLife cordless handheld vacuum can pick up dirt, dust, fluids, and more.

The filter of this handheld vacuum is multi-stage, as well as washable. In terms of convenience, this model is slightly better than the previous HoLife handheld vacuum.

This one is lighter and weighs just under 3.27 pounds. It also comes with a quite long extension hose, which will be ideal for reaching those far corners of your car.

Additionally, HoLife included a brush tool, 1 rubber nozzle, and 1 short crevice tool. HoLife also nicely provides the buyers of this handheld vacuum with a carrying case.


Quite affordable.
Washable multi-stage filter.
Comes with a long extension hose.
Up to 30 minutes of battery life.


Because the charging base isn’t mountable, you have to hold it to release the vacuum.

Car Vacuum Buying Guide

Now that you are acquainted with our best handheld vacuum for car reviews, you might be wondering which one is the better vacuum for car after all. The “best” is relative, so what is good for one might be bad for another.

So, you need to learn to distinguish between the huge variety of models to spot the right one. To help you with finding the best handheld vacuum for car, let’s see what kind of features you need to be aware of.

What is a handheld vacuum?

A handheld vacuum is a type of vacuum cleaners that can be held by one hand. They are much more compact & lightweight than other types of vacuums, which facilitates both their use and storage. Apart from that, they can be easily used in confined areas that are inaccessible to other types of vacuum cleaners.

Regular handheld vacuum vs handheld vacuum for car: what’s the difference?

The main difference between corded regular and car handheld vacuums is that car handheld vacuums are powered through the cigarette lighter port of the vehicle, while regular handheld vacuums are powered by standard home outlets.

Apart from that, car handheld vacuums are typically designed to handle wet debris. As for the other features, you won’t typically see any significant differences between the two types of handheld vacuums.

So in terms of functionality, either car handheld vacuums and regular vacuums will be able to effectively clean the interior of your car. If a regular handheld vacuum satisfies your needs of car vacuuming, you could pretty safely go for one.

Things to Look For in a Handheld Vacuum for Car

Bagged vs Bagless

In regard to the method of dirt collection, there are two types of handheld vacuums: bagged and bagless. Bagged handheld vacuums are equipped with bags. There are several advantages of bagged handheld vacuums: firstly, to dispose of dirt, you only need to detach the bag and put it in your trash bin.

Another advantage is that you won’t get the dirt scattered all over the place because there is no need to open the dust bag. On the other hand, with bagged handheld vacuums, you will have to buy replacement bags.

Moreover, because of the lower capacity of handheld vacuums’ bags, you will have to do it more often compared to other types of vacuum cleaners.

Apart from that, you can’t see how much dirt has been collected in the bag. If the handheld vacuum doesn’t provide any indication that the bag is full, you will have a harder time trying to figure out if it is the time to dispose of the bag.

As for bagless handheld vacuums, they do not have the disadvantages of bagged models. Want to check on the collected dirt? Because bagless handheld vacuums typically come with transparent dirt cups, you will be able to do that very easily! Apart from that, you won’t need to think about getting replacement dust cups because they are washable.

However, when emptying a dust cup, you could end up scattering all the dirt around if you are not careful. You could play safe and empty the dust cup out of the home, but even in this case, you might get some dirt on your clothes.

Corded vs Cordless

The choice between a corded and a cordless handheld vacuum for car will depend on your needs and somewhat preferences. Cordless handheld vacuums are much more convenient because there are no power cords that can get tangled and limit your movements.

On the other hand, with cordless handheld vacuums, you would need to think about features like battery life and recharge time, which we will examine a little bit later. In terms of using a handheld vacuum on the go, there isn’t much difference between a cordless and cigarette lighter-powered handheld vacuum: both of them can be used out of home.

However, if you are choosing between a cordless and home power outlet-powered handheld vacuum, the question of out on-the-road cleaning becomes more important. In this case, if you will be cleaning your vehicle at home only, you could go for a corded handheld vacuum. Otherwise, go for a cordless model.

Power Plug

As we already said, corded handheld vacuums for car come with a cigarette lighter power plug. If you will be using the handheld vacuum in your car only, there is no need to think about the power plug: you could just go for a regular car handheld vacuum with a cigarette lighter plug.

However, if you want to get a handheld vacuum for both home and car use, you could do one of the two things: either get a handheld vacuum with a cigarette lighter plug and buy a power adapter with a lighter port so you can use the vacuum with home power outlets, or get a handheld vacuum with a home outlet power plug.

However, in the latter case, you would probably need to use an extension power strip when cleaning your car, which could pose some inconveniences. If you want a handheld vacuum for both car and home cleaning, you would also have to think about how frequently you will be doing car and home tasks.

For example, if you will be mostly using the handheld vacuum to clean your car interior, a better choice would be to go after a model with a cigarette lighter plug, and vice versa. In this case, the inconvenience of using an extension cord/power adapter won’t be as noticeable as you would be using them more rarely.

Filter System

Filter systems are pretty important with handheld vacuums in general. The air in vacuums gets into the device via suction and then leaves it through air vents. A filtration system makes sure that there is as less of dust escaping the machine as possible.

If you do not have any allergies, you could go for a handheld vacuum with a regular filter. Otherwise, you might want to look for a handheld vacuum with a HEPA filtration system, which effectively traps allergens and germs.

Apart from that, most of the handheld vacuums come with washable filters, and you should look for a model with one.

The thing is that the filter gets clogged while you clean, and washing it is a cost-free way to get it back into operation. You would otherwise need to spend money on replacement filters. However, keep in mind that you might need to replace the filters nonetheless once in a while because of wear.

Power Cord Length

Most of the handheld vacuums for a car you will find come with around 15 feet power cords. That is pretty enough for the majority of vehicles, but if you know that those numbers won’t be enough, just look for a handheld vacuum with the appropriate power cord length.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a welcome feature with handheld vacuums for cars. Apart from simply illuminating the darker corners of your vehicle, it can also come in handy because it can help see darker fabrics better. There isn’t really a reason to not get a handheld vacuum with LED lighting, so you might as well just buy one.

Handling wet & dry debris

Any kind of vacuum can handle dry debris, but some can even deal with fluids. This feature isn’t exclusive for handheld vacuums for cars, but you will certainly meet it in car models much more frequently.

However, the ability to clean both dry & wet debris can come in handy at home as well. So getting a handheld vacuum that can clean fluids is a pretty good idea.

Battery life

Battery life is a feature of cordless handheld vacuums for car, obviously. Handheld vacuums’ battery typically has enough charge for 15 – 30 minutes of continuous cleaning, but some models can go shorter and longer on the battery life. Generally, the longer battery life, the better, but you shouldn’t spend money on extra-long battery life if you won’t be using it.

Charge Time

Charge time is another characteristic relating to cordless handheld vacuums. Some handheld vacuums get fully charged in 3-4 hours while others might take 12 hours and even more. If you will be performing cleaning several times a day, it would be better to go for a model that charges faster.

However, also take the battery life into account: a handheld vacuum with a long battery life could be used several times per day without charging, making long charging time not as relevant.


Attachments are a big part of a handheld vacuum for car. Typically, handheld vacuums for cars come with the following attachments:

  • Expansion tube. An expansion tube or hose is attached to the handheld vacuum to allow for access to hard to reach corners. An expansion tube would be convenient for areas that are inaccessible to the handheld vacuum itself. Expansion tubes can be of different lengths, so make sure to check the length so you get a handheld vacuum with an appropriate set of tools.
  • Crevice tool. A crevice tool is a narrow attachment that can be used to vacuum nooks and corners. A crevice tool is definitely a must-have because you won’t be able to treat corners otherwise. Fortunately, almost all handheld vacuums out there come with one.
  • Bristle brush tools. Some handheld vacuums come with one type of bristle brush while others come with multiple. What differs between the types is mainly the softness of the bristles: harder bristles are good to clean upholstery and fabrics with, while softer bristles are better for bare surfaces. You might want to get a handheld vacuum with as many types of bristle brushes as possible.
  • Motorized brush. Motorized attachments have rotating brush heads, which makes them great for cleaning fabrics. If you are all in for deeper cleaning of fabrics, pick a handheld vacuum that comes with a motorized brush. Be mindful though that a motorized brush won’t be effective with bare surfaces because it might scatter dust and debris all around, so make sure that the handheld vacuum comes with attachments for bare surfaces as well.

Dimensions & Weight

Bigger handheld vacuums weigh more, and vice versa. If you want to get a lightweight handheld vacuum for car, you will have to get a smaller model, which in its turn will probably compromise the capacity of the dust cup.

If you don’t really worry about the weight and the size of the handheld vacuum, go for the model that satisfies your needs in terms of dust cup capacity.

Dust Cup Capacity

The dust cup capacity isn’t crucial, but it may be important for you. Typically, handheld vacuums for car come with 0.5 – 1-liter dust cups. The more cleaning you will be doing at once, the more capacity you will need to be able to avoid frequent emptying of the dust cup. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers indicate the dust cup capacity in their product descriptions, so you might need to do some digging to find out the actual dust cup capacity of a handheld vacuum.

Benefits of A Handheld Car Vacuum

Handheld vacuums have plenty of benefits over other types of vacuums. Let’s see what those advantages of handheld vacuums for car are!

  • They are lightweight

Handheld vacuums for car are much more light than their upright and canister counterparts. This means that they are exceptionally easy to carry, and they won’t cause fatigue during prolonged car cleaning sessions.

  • They are compact

Handheld vacuums for car are obviously compact. Apart from making usage of handheld vacuums convenient, compactness makes it easy for you to store the handheld vacuum in your car.

And even if you won’t be storing your handheld vacuum in your car, it will be much more convenient for you to find some free space for a small handheld vacuum in one of your rooms.

  • They are easy to use

Not only handheld vacuums for car are convenient but are easy to use as well. Firstly, switching attachments take only mere seconds of your time.

Secondly, disposing of the collected trash is very easy: you just need to either throw away the dirtbag or empty the dustbin, depending on the type of the handheld cleaner.

  • They are great for quick cleaning

Quick cleaning sessions become a breeze with handheld vacuums: everyday cleaning won’t be as annoying and unpleasant thanks to the ease of use and lightweight of handheld vacuums for car.

If you absolutely hated those everyday light cleaning tasks because you don’t like to carry bulky vacuums back and forth, you will absolutely love a handheld cleaner.

  • They can be powered via cigarette lighter ports

All the mentioned benefits applied to both regular and car handheld vacuums. Unlike regular handheld vacuums, handheld vacuums for car cleaning can be powered via cigarette lighter ports.

Apart from allowing you to avoid thinking about setting up a power strip to power a handheld vacuum, this lets you clean the interior of your car anywhere, be it on the road or in your garage.

What kind of accessories can I get for a handheld vacuum and where can I find them?

Answer: The selection of accessories for handheld vacuums can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you could get the following varieties of accessories:
Brushes in a variety of sizes and shapes.
1. Brushes in a variety of sizes and shapes.
2. Pivoting brushes for cleaning at any angle.
3. Multi-function tools.
4. Pet hair cleaning attachments.
5. Crevice tools in various lengths.
6. Specialized tools for car vents.
You could get accessories for your handheld vacuum either from the manufacturer’s website or from an online retailer. You could also pay a visit to a local store.

Can a handheld vacuum for car that has a cigarette lighter plug be used with home outlets?

Answer: You cannot use cigarette lighter plugs with home outlets as-is. However, you could get a power adapter with a cigarette lighter port if you want to get a handheld vacuum for car for home cleaning tasks as well.
All those models were pretty nice, right? They are highly rated after all! And most importantly, each of them offers a unique set of features that will surely find its buyer. And if you have found the absolute best handheld vacuum for car while reading the reviews, why not go and get it?

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