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How to Use A Vacuum Cleaner | Tips for Using More Effectively

The vacuum cleaner represents one of the most useful appliances of the modern age. Without this household essential, our lives would be different, and considerably more difficult. Even better, the technology behind vacuums has given us lighter, simpler, and stronger machines that ever before.

Using them effectively is a snap these days.

What Are Common Vacuum Cleaner Attachments?

Chances are that your vacuum cleaner includes several attachments. We often lose or just ignore these attachments. However, they do, in fact, have many practical, even vital, uses.

Learning how to use vacuum cleaner attachments will go a long way toward knowing how to get the most out of your vacuum. Most vacuum cleaners have four major attachments, beginning with the dusting brush.

canister vacuum cleaner

The dusting brush is usually round with a long shape. This attachment can be extremely useful for dusting off wooden surfaces. Windows, framed photos, and bookcases are other examples of items in the house that can benefit from this attachment.

Universal Vacuum Attachments

Next, we have the crevice tool. The skinny shape with angled tip makes this tool ideal for cleaning refrigerator coils, between your sofa’s cushions, or around any radiators. You can also use this attachment on the interior of your vehicle.

The extension wand can make it a breeze to clean areas like your light fixtures, or even those troublesome high ceilings. Combine this attachment with a cloth, and you can even use it to pick up larger pieces of dirt from difficult-to-reach locales.

Finally, there is the upholstery tool. The stiffened bristles are ideal for things like mattresses and couch cushions.

How Do I Get Started with My Vacuum Cleaner?

The first thing you will want to do is examine where the dirt goes in your vacuum. Older vacuums have bags, while the newer ones feature a removable/reusable component/cannister. Regardless, make sure this area has been cleaned/replaced, before starting work.

You should also make sure the height of the vacuum is at an appropriate level. By this, we mean that the vacuum should be of an ideal height to reach your carpet and other areas. Setting it too high can rob you of suction power, while setting it too low will deprive you of proper airflow.

Before starting, you will also want to make it a point to remove all of the smaller items in the area. By this, we are talking about small pieces of furniture that might impede your progress. You don’t have to move absolutely everything, but smaller items will make things easier on everyone.

How Do I Use My Vacuum Cleaner Effectively?

At this point, you should be more than ready to start vacuuming. Turn on your vacuum, and begin pushing the vacuum across the surface of whatever you are cleaning. This is something that should be done in slow, even movements.

Moving the vacuum too quickly can make it difficult for the appliance to pick up dirt properly. You can use the attachments as you work, or you can vacuum the main areas first, and then come back to work on the other things you want to do. The choice is ultimately yours to make.

What Are Some Tips for Using My Vacuum More Effectively?

Did you know that your vacuum cleaner can be used for far more tasks than you probably realize? For example, studies have indicated that vacuum cleaners are considerably more effective at killing fleas deeply embedded in your carpet, compared to harsh chemicals that can damage these carpets.

Your brush tool can be immensely effective at removing allergens from your home. Windowsills and doors can become deeply impacted by pollen and grime. The brush tool can clean these areas before the pollen makes its way inside your actual home.

A Vacuum Cleaner

Unplug your toaster, and then get the crevice tool that we mentioned earlier. You can use the crevice tool not only to clean out the toaster, but also to get those hard-to-reach crumbs that are likely crammed into your oven, as well. You can even use the crevice tool to clean out parts of your fridge!

TIP: Moving furniture around can leave you with unsightly carpet dents. You don’t have to put up with these dents forever. Melt some ice over the dents, and then use your vacuum to return the fibers of the carpet to an upright position.

Your vacuum can also be used to clean the lint trap in your washer and dryer. Failing to keep these things free of dust and debris can leave you to contend with a serious fire hazard. The crevice tool can also remove yucky stuff from your washer/dryer’s lint cavity.

ANOTHER TIP: The vacuum can also help your home smell absolutely wonderful. Using your preferred perfumes or essential oils, drop a dipped cotton ball into the bag/compartment of your vacuum. As you vacuum slowly and carefully, the vacuum should work to release the scent slowly.

The above trick is particularly useful as a way to deodorize your couch.

Do I Need to Clean My Vacuum Attachments?

Cleaning your vacuum attachments can certainly make them more effective. Washing your brush with warm water can make it more useful, and the same approach can be applied to comb and dry the bristles of any brushes you may have. While this sounds like a lot of work, it will make sure your vacuum is just as powerful as the day you brought it home from the store.


As you can see, there isn’t too much to stress about when it comes to something like how to use a vacuum cleaner. It really just comes down to knowing what your attachments are capable of, and making sure they are properly cared for. You can also gain a lot by understanding that your vacuum can do so much more than just vacuum some carpets. If you understand how to get creative with this essential appliance, then there aren’t going to be a lot of limits to what you can actually do. Your vacuum can be more useful in your household than you ever could have imagined.

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